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Thread: Hash!

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    Please help a learner!

    What is 'hash', what does it do and how do I use it? (..and no funny stuff - I know I'm asking for it&#33


    Note: I've have read some site info and help but it don't make much sense to me yet!

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    not site info but you need to :rtfaq: . Probably get more of these replies so be warned

    no really a hash file is a file that contains the exact info about a certain file a kind of signature that is.
    If you have the hash for a file kazaa (lite ofcourse) will find that specific file regardless what the name is. The only thing it needs are sources (some one actually sharing that specific file...). But it's all in the FAQ... B)

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    First read the :rtfaq:

    Second you use them to start downloads in kazaa and it will tell you how to do that in the FAQ.

    BTW I like the funny stuff and you are asking for it

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    wasnt there a pinned section on hashes? lolz... sig2dat file thing ma jig..

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    Yeah it is in the movieworld one by Paul on how to use them and another on how to make them.

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    there ya go... problem solved no use to :rtfm: or :rtfaq:

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    Originally posted by Soul814@12 March 2003 - 22:49
    there ya go... problem solved no use to :rtfm: or :rtfaq:
    Not really, because mightyatom asked What is a hash not how do you use them

    Plus these :rtfaq: :rtfm: are cooler than saying go here

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    its the same thing ... heheh... noooo :rtfm: n :rtfaq: is tooo big ... to much to read

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    But were not the ones that have to :rtfm:

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    have you ever :rtfaq:? i never :rtfaq: lolololz

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