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Thread: Please Need Help With Mohaa

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    Guys i got myself a problem as {usual} i DL MOHAA burn it on cd even install it ,BUT i cant start the game i dont know why i 'm used all pacthes & all updates but i have same problem when i trying start the game it turning in gray coulor & thats it nothings happening ,then ipressing alt+ctrl+delete & console righting at the end "Tried to read from a zip file gfx/2d/backtile.tga that was not open" what is that mean i dont know i codn't find this ZIP file anywhere if someone have one please send me or maybe explain what da hek is that means...................please.......

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    Is it giving you any error messages. I tried installing it on my old PC. It went on OK, I would start it up, watch the opening movie, and then my PC was too gay to play the game and it stopped!
    I got a message though saying that video card was not good enough and processor was too slow.
    I put the hard drive it was installed on into my new PC and it works fine now, so, either your PC is too slow, or I don't know

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    i have the exact same problem as edgar . My computer and my graphics card are easily good enough for the job.

    Does ANYONE have any idea what problem is???

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    I wish everyone would just finally listen to me.
    It is possible to get a cd image without corruption on kazaa,but it's NOT LIKELY.
    they ALMOST ALWAYS get corrupted. 
    so you can download 10 -15 times and keep praying or
    you can get emule and get corruption free downloads everytime.
    emule scans downloads for corruption and redownloads the corrupted part from a different source.
    It really works.
    I use to only download rips because bins and isos always got corrupted,but in the 2 weeks that I've used emule to download games I now have
    c&c generals
    battlefield 1942 AND road to rome
    aliens vs predator 2 AND primal hunt
    Medal of honor AND spearhead
    ALL without a single error 
    get emule at
    It's corruption
    you will have to redownload.
    Use emule

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    tri renamin the *.tga to ace,zip,rar

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    it seems a bit weird that we're chatting on the games section of a kazaa forum when you can't even get games from kazaa!!
    Thanks i'll try e-mule, however when i used to 'use' e-donkey i found it hard to get anything.

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    don't use Edonkey....

    i dont know why but from some reason, it's very slow.

    but when i downloading from Emule it's ok. usually it's about 20k

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    It's corruption
    you will have to redownload.
    Use emule
    i dont know about e-mule speed is too low i used sigdata with imesh & DL in 2 days couple coruption sectors on bouth cd's but i was been able to repair it with cdimage so i'm happy now thanx for all advices


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