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Thread: Screener Length Mean Anything?

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    Can anyone tell me anything about all the screener downloads I see with Length: 1:02:28 ?
    Are all these bad, or am I just missing a codec?
    It seems that most of the screeners I find with KLite have this length, then I just have a black screen to preview.


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    if you notice a trend like that, yeah, it's pretty safe to assume that they're fakes. click the "+" symbol in the search results to expand it, then look over to the right and see the file names. if most copies of the file are purported to be a hot new movie, but several of 'em are listed as, say, "Scary Movie" then you may as well stop right there 'cause there's no way it's going to turn out to be the newer more desirable one.

    also, save yourself some time and preview partially downloaded movies with AVIPreview or VideoLAN. you may need to get a pretty significant piece of the movie, like 5% to 10% in some cases, before you can watch it. but it beats having to download 100% and then find out it's wrong.


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