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Thread: Recording Online Streaming Media

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    Is it posibly to record streaming media from the internet and watch it later but in good quality, as if u downloaded it? Coz im on 56k and i can watch about 3 seconds before it has to stop and buffer again. So i was wondering if i can like record it and watch it on my computer with out the stop starts? Peace.

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    if i remember right , even streming media goes in to youe IE temp cache folder

    someone else will remember exactly how to get there , but im pretty sure its already on you puter somewhere

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    try using that to download the file. you will need to find the actual source of the file though. which they generally hide.

    if its a wmp file the url will begin with mms://
    if its a real file the url will begin with rtsp://

    try using a sniffer to search all incoming packets for those and with any luck you will find your file.

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    its a winamp stream, so what do i need to find the whole URL?


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