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Thread: Thompson Twins Anybody?

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    i hope i got the right forum! iam looking for the track "who can stop the rain" from the album "into the gap" tried everywhere i can think cant find it on kazaa or win mx then i find it finally on limewire, but the track aint complete iam sick of searching anyone got any ideas? or actually got the track?? plz

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    found one 128k with k-lite (be patient and switch supernodes) and a sweet 192k rip on *cough* slsk

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    dam cant pm you dont have enough posts. is there any way you could let me have it? plz

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    oh and another thing how the hell do i change nodes??

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    Originally posted by Tbod@14 April 2004 - 23:28
    oh and another thing how the hell do i change nodes??
    File>Jump supernode.

    YOu'd be better off getting it from Soulseek though
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    ok thx a lot peeps this is the only place ive really had replys. lol but after all this i finally got it thx guys


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