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Thread: Kazza Lite Problem

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    i had screeching problems but i found this post
    seams like other people are having same problems,
    i know a away around this, dont download mp3 files instead download .wma and also dont download band name (1) (2) or band name (1) -any random number. seams to have effected Imesh aswell. dam u riaa

    i'm sure somebody would find a better way around this growing problem.

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    hi first post and I feel this is good enough place to start.
    One thing I notice about these "screechy " mp3 files is that the always seem to be bigger, by at least 1000kb's per track. I'm no expert and through trial and error dl-ing it is not a strict rule, but I do have a little more success with tracks that appear smaller in size. The tracks actually play ok right through when I search through with a slider, but the screech inevitably kicks in somewhere, so I'm swayed in thinking the interference is layered. Surely theres a way to stop this?
    Great site btw, but if I didnt have kl I'd never know it was here!

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    ho-hum here we go again, if you saw that topic, i'm sure it says dont start new threads about it, but i could be wrong. anyway, get MP3 shield and sleep easy

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    yea, i tryed it, i'm on XP and i'm getting a runtime error.

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    Originally posted by sniper6oo@15 April 2004 - 09:17
    yea, i tryed it, i'm on XP and i'm getting a runtime error.
    thats been fixed bro see HERE for details on the prob.

    or just download this one MP3 Shield unzip it to a clean directory, then run test.exe

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    thanks man!

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    Saved me a new thread - cheers

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