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Thread: Movie Downloads To Vcd?

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    can someone please tell me how to copy my downloaded movies to vcd.
    i need stuff like the best software for the job, and what format the files need to be.

    can anybody help!!

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    Use TMPGenc to convert the .avi's to .mpg then use a burning proggy like Nero to burn into a VCD.
    Look at: for more info on doing this
    Read all the tutorials and guides before asking another question.

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    Oh yea, if asking another question related to this, post it in Movieworld and you will get a better response. good luck.

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    Did you post in here to see if guests reply? It doesn't really help anyways, they rarely reply to stuff.

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    Yea, they post and leave and never come back most of the time.
    Yea, next time post don't be so scared and post in Movieworld or the related section to your question.

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    guess i should have read around a bit first huh.i got it sorted now, i think.


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