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Thread: High Upload Anomaly

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    I don't know if this is normal or not, but I just downloaded a movie (yes, I share all my media files) and the download took about 5 seconds. One of the uploaders had a 2000kbps upload rate (the other one had about a rate of 10kbps). The most anyone can upload from me is about 100 kbps, and I have cable. How can this anomaly occur? Do our connections have to match exactly or does the uploader have to have the filesharing power of Deep Blue? I'm really out of my league here and frankly am confused.

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    That person must had had a connection higher that CABLE, or had a system completely devoted to uploading. You shouldn't worry too much. The movie does work right? If it does, don't worry.

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    Ok, it took you 5 seconds to download a movie? How can you do that with cable?

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    oh, didn't notice he had cable... odd now...

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    Yes, I have Knology cable. My maximum bandwidth is set to unlimited, though. I thought I read somewhere that cable has some sort of hardware bandwidth limit, however...

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    The uploader and you might have a common ISP and hence on the same network.

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    why is so amazing that he has cable?

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    he said he downloaded a movie in 5 seconds.

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    Wait, he could have. If the movie was a reasonable size like maybe under...3 megs... I dunno

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    Originally posted by Shinigami@12 March 2003 - 19:41
    Wait, he could have. If the movie was a reasonable size like maybe under...3 megs... I dunno
    That would be the shortest movie ever.

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