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Thread: Mygudio Kazaa 8i

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    SHAREWARE $16.95

    MyGudio Kazaa 8i allows Kazaa users to share files in complete privacy by enabling users to change file figure print and encrypted data in transmission to block P2P network monitoring and identity tools. MyGudio enables you to detect file signature algorithm, also known as file figure print; which is one of the similar technologies used by organizations, such as RIAA, for file verification and comparison. Through Signature Modification process, you are able to change file signature with the new set of combinations that are different from the original file settings for safe sharing. In additional, MyGudio is introducing the Encrypted Data Sharing System, EDSS, on the P2P networks that enable you to share encrypted files with unknown people on the open file-swapping networks.


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    Doesn't work because both sides would need to use this shit, and even then I have my doubts.

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    hey mate...

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    Another protection racket, I see !! Personally, I think it's just a scam to cash in on people's fears.

    If they really cared about protecting filesharers, they surely wouldn't expect money in return.

    Who is behind this I wonder?


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