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Thread: Help Me Please!

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    I need burning instructions for Windows XP Professional.

    I have Nero Burning Rom

    What are my instructions for Hard Drive to Cd-rom for burning windows xp on Nero Burning Rom. I have a HP Cd-Writer 9100+. It can work on nero. I just need all the instructions for hd to cd.

    I also need it bootable.

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    well this might not be any help as ive never burnet anything in my life, but i do know you have to burn at a ver slow speed like x4 or even slower, also i think it depends if its a .bin & .cue, .iso or .nrg, .nrg should be easy because thats a nero burn anyway but not sure how to do the rest, search on the forum and im sure its been posted before, if not for xp then just burning.

    hope this helps


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    Are you making a backup of the System HD? (that hd or partition where XP is installed)

    In that case:
    I use Norton (Symantec) Ghost (runs from DOS and it DOES support NTFS file system) to make an image of system partition, in this case my C: drive.
    I think latest versions of Ghost can split files to fit in cd's and make a bootable too, i have not used those features yet. Usually i have ghost image file on other drive cos im too lazy to burn stuff. It's really fast way to reinstall windows, takes like 5-10 mins and i got "clean" install instead of installing XP, drivers, favorite apps etc...

    There is a variety of back up programs on the market (Kazaa) too...

    I've never used XP's own back up options so i dont know how it works.

    btw, got HP 9100 and im burning with Nero
    5540 has the explorer windows interface what im use to...
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