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Thread: One Hour Photo

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    Wow i rented it the other day and it was pretty creepy, anyone else think so?

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    I saw that movie too. Very creepy.

    I'll try to comment, without revealing the story. Not to spoil the movie for those who haven't seen it yet.

    But you have to think. The photo guy "Sy Parrish", created his own dilema. In his own secret mind, he believed what he was doing was harmless. Over a period of 10 years, it became a normal part of his life. So normal, that he was comfortable with it, even to other people (like the waitress). He is a nice and gentle man, though. Has morals too.

    This is scarey, because the movie is very realistic. I bet that there are people out there in this world who have themselves in similar scenerios. If the truth of them were exposed, viewed from outside of themselves, the world sees them as very odd and strange. For example, a janitor at an office building who has keys to everything, sees the trash, the people, the building, every day for 10 years, becomes part of the building and its people. It is as if he owns the place. Knows everybody and everything going on, but keeps it to himself.

    You have to see the movie to understand this concept.

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    I didn't want to add another topic so I just added it here.

    Did you see "Undercover Brother " yet? I saw 6 minutes of the beginning and laughed my butt off. I 'll have to make time to see the rest of it.

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    One hour photo was very creepy. Not so much scary as just really creepy. Makes me happy that I use digital cameras.

    Undercover Brother was funny in parts - the shower scene had me rolling on the floor laughing. Worth a watch.

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    1 hour is a movie that is searously disturbing, but it is a good movie and makes you really think about how much we trust others with personal things of ours.

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    Creepy? Disturbing? Sure, if you're superficial and don't get the meaning the movie was trying to point at.

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    I heard it was a great movie so I bought it right when it came out.

    I have yet to watch it.

    So i didn't even read this thread for fear of spoilers.

    Go on.. Spoil away!

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    I loved it - it's a great movie and the performance of Robin Williams is outstanding.

    I think what makes it "creepy" is that it is more believable than just another serial killer movie, and that the audience can understand why he is doing what he is doing... without really relating to the character or condoning his actions.

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    i thought this was way over-rated.

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    I saw 1 hour photo a couple of weeks ago, and enjoyed it very much..

    WARNING! SPOILER!.. sort of...

    My interpretation of the film was that we should appreciate the little things...
    things we overlook because we are too busy, arrogant or just plain ignorant.

    For instance.. when was the last time YOU looked at your shower curtain's rings?
    Can you say (without going to check) what colour they are?
    Yeah, I know.. a lot of you are probably thinking something like "wtf??" about what I'm saying here, but read on...

    Now, what about the people in your life?

    No, not the people that play a major role, like your parents and friends..
    although you certainly shouldn't take them for granted..

    I'm talking about the guy that bags your groceries, or the lollypop lady at the local crossing.
    When was the last time you spoke to them?
    Do you know their name?

    ... or are you too busy to spare the time?

    Like I said, I enjoyed the film very much..
    It made me think a LOT about how I treat people from day to day.

    A movie from Hollywood that actually makes you think is a very rare thing indeed.

    on a lighter note..
    I also really enjoyed Jackass the movie

    Added spoiler warning

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    I just saw it 30 minutes ago, I didn't find it creepy or anything...but it was very good, alot better then the average Robin Williams movie

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