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Thread: Scans Of The New Game Informer With Halo 2 Info ?

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    The new Game Informer is out and I am looking for scans of the magazine. There is 10 pages of new Halo 2 information and screenshots.

    Has anyone got a link to scans or could post them or something.

    Much appreciated.


    These are the only ones out because your not allowed to post scans of new magazines in websites, forums etc...

    Any help would be great.

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    why dont u just buy it... i mean its just a magazine...

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    I would but you can't get it in the UK.

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    don't buy it. go to a book store and read it.

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    Originally posted by abu_has_the_power@14 April 2004 - 23:16
    don't buy it. go to a book store and read it.
    hes 2 lazy probley.
    i am
    order it from the US or some thing


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