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Thread: Can U Make A Wmv File To Vcd?

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    IKE...showed us how to make a Avi file to Mpg which encodes to VCD formmat..but u can convert a Wmv file to MPG...also is a Mpeg the same as MPG? and can someone name all the formmats i can convert to VCD..and also how can u tell if your pc..has DVD rw..i know thats off the topic..but Nero said my drive can..but my drive didnt read the Dvd r disc i is it only Dvd rw?

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    I think its possible with TMPGEnc
    Mpeg = mpg
    did you tried an empty dvd disk because then nothing hapens

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    you can find out what kind of burner you have by looking in the "choose recorder" menu in nero. If you only have a cdr drive then use TMPGEnc to cut the file in half because once you convert to mpg you going to double the size of the file, which mean, for most full length films you're going to need 2 cdr's to fit the VCD/SVCD. get TMPGEnc and find a guide on how to convert/crop/etc..

    good luck


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