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Thread: Whats Happening To Overtime...

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    1st i'd heard of this, and speaking to some Americans i know...the 1st many people have heard of it.... including those it effects.


    Lower pay, longer hours and unpredictable work schedules are some of the changes working families could face under the proposed changes to overtime.

    The Bush administration proposal to loosen the rules that determine which employees are entitled to overtime pay could cut paychecks for 8 million workers, possibly including police officers, nurses, store supervisors and many others. Millions would face unpredictable work schedules and reduced pay because of an increased demand for extra hours for which employers would not have to compensate workers, according to an Economic Policy Institute report released June 26. The administration has indicated it wants to issue final regulations before the end of the year.

    Under the Bush overtime scheme:

    Millions of salaried workers making between $22,101 and $65,000 who now are eligible to receive overtime pay could be reclassified as executives or administrative or professional employees—and would no longer qualify for overtime pay.
    Relatively low-salary earners who have supervisory responsibilities or management-related responsibilities would be penalized, as would workers with advanced education or specialized training. Some of the jobs affected could be jobs police officers, nurses, retail managers, insurance claims adjusters and medical therapists hold.
    Employees not covered by the new rules also could be hurt: By reclassifying many of their workers as exempt from overtime pay, employers most likely would assign overtime only to them and eliminate overtime for other workers.
    Anyone making $65,000 or more a year likely would lose overtime pay, effectively eliminating many middle-income wage earners' much-needed extra pay.

    According to the U.S. Department of Labor's own estimates, the Bush administration's proposed rule changes could mean between 2.1 million and 3.3 million workers would face unpredictable work schedules because of an increased demand for extra hours for which employers would not have to pay time-and-a-half.

    The Bush administration claims its plan would give overtime protections to more workers by allowing anyone who earns $22,100 or less to automatically qualify for overtime pay. But many of those workers, such as fast-food employees, already are covered.

    Many working families depend on overtime to pay bills—especially during the current economic recession that has resulted in stagnant and declining wages coupled with increasing costs of health care, prescription drugs, child care and other essential expenses. The Bush proposal would cut into many of those families' paychecks.
    I would recomend reading the article from the site itself, as the links in the part copy/pasted havent followed through.

    The Hours worked affect many things, from Health & Safety to merely spending time with the kids....surely workers should have some sort of protection/compensation, its a little regressive removing what little compensation they do receive.

    Those are, admittedly my initial thoughts, as I have only just come across the subject and have only read what it mentions on this one site.

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    I heard about his proposal quite a bit ago, although I haven't really looked into the details of it. I imagine it's a product of trying to stem the outsourcing of jobs from the United States: if you don't have to pay Joe time-and-a-half for working those extra hours, you're more likely to make Joe work them.

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    It takes more than just the executive branch of government to "loosen Laws" what ever that may be. It must suck to be "Pee On" who can't negotiate an employment Salary or contract.

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    Well my job refuses to pay overtime. We're just not allowed to go over 40 hours a week, and when we do my boss, the manager, has to take em off and apply em to the next week. (Only in the event that just about all the employees get sick or something will we ever get overtime.) They expect the two employees on salary, the manager and assistant manager to fill in any and all hours that are needed, and because they are on salary they get no compensation.

    What I don't understand is the point of it. As the article says, alot of people and families rely on their overtime. So basically this is just going to make things worse, and raise the amount of people that will have to find alternate sources of income such as second jobs, loans, etc. Ah yes, the "overtime protection"..... sounds like it's just a claim to get people to back it.

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    Originally posted by Rat Faced
    The Hours worked affect many things, from Health & Safety to merely spending time with the kids....
    I don't think the loss of time with your kids is a small loss at all. They deserve time with you and you deserve time with them.

    How did Bush become President again?

    BUSH: Vote for me. I'll make sure you work longer for less money. And remember, debt is a good thing, right up there with second jobs and no health care benefits.

    Please guys, think carefully about who you vote for and remember that the policy decisions made today with last for years.

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    Originally posted by Mathea@15 April 2004 - 03:11
    Well my job refuses to pay overtime. We're just not allowed to go over 40 hours a week,
    Did Bush call them up and make them do that ??

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    Originally posted by {SHELL%SHOCKED}@15 April 2004 - 04:02
    Did Bush call them up and make them do that ??
    I wouldn't be surprised... they are loaded but also some of the cheapest bastards around! What sucks though is there's been weeks in a row where I've done morethan 40 hours, and we had to keep putting anything over 40 aside... whereas if I had gotten to put it all on the weeks I worked I would have had a paycheck that was useful! Meh. Just figures... he's prolly scared he's gonna lose the election and so is trying to screw over the country as much as possible before he leaves office. And sadly, it will probably get passed.

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    Why is this story so suprising ?....Even the most anti american flamer on the board knows that when Bush talks about American interests it's just political speak for corporate interests. If he was concerned about jobs going overseas he would have given those tax breaks only to companies that actually did create new jobs. Bush works for corporations first..........he people are just renewable resources...

    ok rant over

    it’s an election with no Democrats, in one of the whitest states in the union, where rich candidates pay $35 for your votes. Or, as Republicans call it, their vision for the future.

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    Some proof would nice legislative Bills or Executive Orders, or is this just wind out of some idiots lung.

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    Seems to me this outsourcing is kinda like the sweatshops. You get about the same product made cheaper and pay employees less. What our stupid American companies are trying to do is save money even if it hurts the working class. I won't be able to vote until after this election. What is Bush thinking. It is hard to find a job now. There needs to be some incentives to keep jobs in the U.S. I know it isn't fair to India, but we are suffering over here. I see some many off my friends losing their low paying jobs to adults who are trying to support their families. I think that there will be a major job shortage in the next year and many teens will not have jobs to help support our economy. I'm kinda pissed 'cause many of the IT jobs moved overshore and that was a major interest for me. Now I'm having to look now for another career choice. I don't work enough to get charged overtime, but I can see how it would hurt many people and make it very hard for some to meet ends.

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