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Thread: Problems Making A Vcd

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    I'm using make a Avi file to Mpg and burn it as a VCD..but when i burn it...its like a Image..and when i click takes me to the disc isnt finsh...i dont know if its finalized ..but when i get ready to burn..the finalize unselectable..i dont know what im doing Wrong..i follow steps pretty well..but everybody is accountable to mistakes..Plz help IKE or SOMEBODY THATS KNOWS THIS

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    the best way to convert avi to mpeg is using TMPGEnc, you can find guides here. Either way, make sure you select video cd or super video cd from the side panel in nero and make sure the finalize box is checked before burning. I seriously reccommend TMPGEnc for converting though, i have not had a single problem using it to convert/crop my films


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    agreed , dont use nero to convert , its crappy

    tmpgenc is prob the best, and it even has a wizard to make it easy for you


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