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Thread: I Want Kazaa Lite K++ V2.4.2

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    Ok Now i have Kazaa lite K++ V2.4.3 the problem with it which i didnt have it with Kazaa lite K++ V2.4.2 is when i am downlonding movies, video clips when i click on them to play them on theater where happen is it goes to threat and then Kazaa close by itself and I have to re open Kazaa and some of m files that i am downloading lose data or restart all over again. I dont know what is the probelm but i didnt have it when i had Kazaa lite K++ V2.4.2. so plz where can i find Kazaa lite K++ V2.4.2

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    Kazaa Lite K++ 2.4.2/2.4.3 are the same except for a couple of tool updates


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