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Thread: A Question About Nettransport Program

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    Is anyone of you using NetTransport.

    Recently, I have installed this program. But now everytime I click on a link to a file, this program starts downloading the file.

    Does anyone know how to disable NetTransport so it does not download every file i click on.

    I hope u get what i am trying to convey here.

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    Have you tried holding down the Shift or Ctrl keys while clicking on a link?

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    There is an option to disable monitoring.

    Quickest way to do this is to..

    Right click the Net transport system tray icon

    and it should be there...

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    Only have icon in system tray when you want to use NetTransport as your main downloader...when done right click icon and exit.

    In the options menu open system settings and remove the check mark fron"start downloading on program startup"...thats it..
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    Thanks guys, that did the trick


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