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Thread: Kkrieger

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    For those of you old-timers who spent days & nights trying to get your code fit into 64Kb, here's the first beta of .the .produkkt's next FPS: .kkrieger. Moderately beautiful, what's impressive is it can fit inside the UT2004 readme. The demo is 96Kb zipped. All textures are procedural and generated at startup. Screenshots available here You still need a relatively recent computer (~1.4Ghz, 512MB RAM) and a DirectX8 GPU.

    had a bit of a play with this game and its amazing how they got it all to fit in 95kb still a bit buggy though.


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    Screens look nice. But I cant get it to start up. It begins to load for about 5 sec, then quits. And the minimum it 1.5
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    Oh. My. Frekkin. God.

    That is the single coolest thing I saw all day.


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