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Thread: How Do You Install A Floppy Disk Drive

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    how do you install a floppy disk drive. i have one in my computer that stopped functioning when i put in a new cd rom.

    i have the drive 0 cord going go my dvd burner and it also has a p2 wire going to it. i have another drive 0 going to something below the disk drive and a p5 is hooked up to it. there's nothing going to the actuall floppy. which one goes to the floppy disk drive

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    this actually goes in hardwareworld. i accidently put it in software world.

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    your motherboad should have a seperate connector for your fdd. its a bit smaller then the ide cables on your other hardware have a look around and it will be there. just make sure that pin 1 is in the right place and connect it all up.

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    I thought floppy's were finally extinct....
    oh well, open up your comp, look at the wires, plug in, and whammo! done...
    floppy's have to be one of the simplest things to install
    oh and if your cable doesn't say pin one anywhere on the connector, it is on the side with the red wire
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