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Thread: Bt, Speed Touch, P2p And Other Heavenly Goodies

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    Hey guys. I really need some help. I have BT Broadband using an old Speed Touch USB modem. I had Win2K on my PC and Kazaa and BitTorrent worked fine but just installed XP and now i have wierd wierd problems! I can use the internet/email/download files over the net no problems but when i try and use Kazaa or BitTorrent the connection randomly gets cut. THe speedtouch's status goes back to Initialising (like it is when the pc's just started up) and the system tray icon turns yellow and the only way to get the modem back to green and redial the connection successfully is to restart the computer. The wierd thing is it doesn't happen immediately sometimes i can download quite a lot on Kazaa (i downloaded nearly 1GB in total yesterday between a few restarts when the modem screwed it), but it messed up whilst i was asleep and all day today as soon as i try and connect to Kazaa it goes yellow. I have XP and Norton Internet Security and System Works 2003 so one would think it would be norton doing it. Wierd thing is my mate is using exactly the same copy of XP and norton (but on NTL broadband) and he has no problems at all. Anyways i have looked in the log files but there doesn't seem to be anything logged by norton that coincides with the modem screwup, which is wierd as well. Thought there was a possiblity that BT was trying to screw me(hey i'm getting desperate&#33 but obviously they were about as much help as poking screwdrivers into my eyes. If anyone can suggest anything i really really would appreciate it, cos this is driving me mad!!

    Thanks very much for your help people,

    Take it easy, don't let the b*stards get you down!


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    not sure if this will help ya bro, I've got speedtouch and BB too and I got new driver updates and things ran better for me, worth a try if you aint already got em Driver Support

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    Dump BT, they're as much use as a chocolate tea pot and have absolutely no interest in Joe Customer.

    I should know, they pay my pension for 32 years of undiscovered crime.

    I recommend Nildram (aka Gotadsl). They'll migrate you and charge you less than BT.

    OH, and do like tensegg suggests and make sure you have XP suitable drivers.

    One final point - BT claim you should use G.dmt modulation - I can't connect with it but ANSI T1 413 i2 bangs me in every time.
    When all else fails - read the instructions!!!

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    I think you guys might be my saviours!!! I just installed new drivers and (fingers crossed) kazaa and bittorrent seem to be working fine. I cannot believe I went through the things i did and didn't try installing new drivers. What a muppet! thank god you guys are here otherwise i think i would have gone crazy!!!

    Thanks guys, you have stopped my life veering too far towards insanity!

    Take it easy people.

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    glad to have helped bro, took me bour 6 monthe before I thought of it too, but it made a difference, whole thing just ran a lot sweeter


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