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Thread: How To Prevent "shell Open" From Opening In Winamp

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    Double-clicking the song name from the My Kazaa Lite K++ screen.

    For instance I want to play a song directly in Kazaa Lite without having it open in Winamp and replace my entire playlist. I know I can just hit the Play button on the bottom, but that's inconvenient and I double click the song name out of habit. I remember in an older version (or maybe it was just regular Kazaa, I forget), there was an option in the preferences that allowed me to have Winamp be my default player or not (For kaz).

    Anyway I hope I made sense, I have a fever right now and I'm not really thinking 100%...

    thanks in advance.

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    I don't know what version you have , but in 2.4.3 that option is at KL Extensions>more options>interface
    Default action, change from shell open to theater.

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    Oh, got it, thanks a lot!


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