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Thread: Farcry Save Game Problems

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    i play the game and when it hits one the save says saving....but when I try to load checkpoint, there's no saved checkpoints.....this game is hard when you have to start at the begining all the time.

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    are you sure your trying to load check points right? When you first start the game go to campaign>then from the top go to 'check points' tab (i think thats what it is, i know it it says check points in it), then on the left part you should see a level name, click on it, then on the right the number of checkpoints that have been saved will show up. just click on the one with (last) next to it to load the most recently saved checkk point. Also, if you try to start a new level without start a new profile, you will lose all your check points I beleive.

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    yeah i'm pretty sure i'm doin it right....there's absolutely no checkpoints listed in the box. Is there a saved games folder somewhere in the c: drive?

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    yeah this really sucks...I got pretty deep into the first level, and died...had to start at the begining.....any help on this guys?

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