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    An Egyptian man is walking...
    An Egyptian man is walking through the Cairo bazaar, when a stranger comes up to him and offers to sell Viagra (illegal in Egypt) for 100 Egyptian pounds.

    "No, not worth it!"

    "OK, how about 50 Egyptian pounds?"

    "No, not worth it!"

    "OK, 20?"

    "No, not worth it!"

    "How about 10?"

    "No, not worth it!"

    "Listen, these pills cost US $10 each. How can you say they are not worth it?"

    "Oh, the pills ARE worth it. My wife is not worth it."

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    Heh!... reminds me of a fairly good joke (comic strip) in our local paper today...

    Wife: I'm going to bed.
    Husband: Okay, I'm just going to watch TV for a bit longer. I'll be up in a while... get the foreplay started for me will you?

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    Originally posted by hippychick@16 April 2004 - 03:01
    "Oh, the pills ARE worth it. My wife is not worth it."
    Hope i&#39;ll never have to say something like that


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