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Thread: Suprnova Mirror For Bit Torrent Links

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    Suprnova Mirror for Bit Torrent Links

    ESV post removed

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    this is spam, I got a redirect to this
    ESV post removed


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    um i didnt get redirect at all, hmmm maybe you got spyware / adware thats doing it muchspl2

  5. BitTorrent   -   #5 it worked fine for me bro.

    Maybe you ashould check for spyware or

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    yea maybe not

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    Dude calm down. I posted a genuine link.

    ESV post link removed is a real cool bit torrent link with all the latest stuff.

    They make a joke about kazaa and have it re-direct is not something that I posted abouyt and until you mentioned it I hadnt even noticed cause they have a million links there (but of course you happened to notice it...). May I remind you that Kazaa (KMD) is the same people who fucked Kazaa Lite. So who cares if people play jokes on them. So you are defending them?

    Anyways, your "issues" have nothing to do with the fact that I posted a genuine link of Bit Torrrent. I dont give a fuck who offers the info, its worth posting cause Suprnova has been up and down like a yoyo for the last 2 weeks. Your looking for crap that doesnt even belong in the conversation.

    I recommend you guys check out [URL=]ESV post removed

    Those links above DO NOT RE-DIRECT YOU TO ANYWHERE other than directly to the latest bit torrent lists as provided by Suprnova.

    It's all the good stuff rated and provided by Suprnova and there are no popups. It dont get any better than that

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    To bad it has a link to ES5

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    it is es5 and I just click the second link again and it didn't happen, maybe it some kind of timmer IDK
    fuck that host, and will work fine for me
    don't support them if they don't support us

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    hey I got nothing bad to say about suprnova but one cool thing about this earthreactor site is that there are no popups or popunders or advertisement. (dont get me wrong, I love suprnova but this is like "suprnova lite".)

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