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Thread: Space Game

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    Can anyone suggest a good Cockpit style space game?
    I loved Colony wars On the psx but the doesnt seem to be any good games for the pc.
    any ideas ppl?

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    Klona69 , if it is space cockpit action you seek , look no further than starlancer, its a microsoft game and it rules!! also there is a new space cockpit game called freelancer that is meant to be gud .... al

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    cheers m8
    is freelancer out yet? ive herd its ment to be revolutionary.
    what form should i dl it?
    i dont wanna have to burn to disk n stuff
    i like .iso and .exe but hey "dont we all"

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    freelancer is out April 11th , Ive jus had a look and Im not too sure if its a space flight sim.... not sure but u wont be able to d/l it for a while yet

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    cant find star lancer on the network

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    there are 3 veified hashes for freelancer on this forum i put one there myself. its needs a top end pc though.

    Heres the post i done, enjoy.

    other good space combat games are:
    Xwing Vs Tie Fighter series
    Tacheon the Fringe

    with an amiga emulator:
    and the other one by David Brabham that i always forget the name of

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    ive got a 1.4g p4
    512mg ram
    60g Hd
    64mg Geforce 2
    and a Adsl connection.
    i looked for star lancer in the forum serch engin and it came back without anything

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    ok i looked at your post with the hashes
    do i have to download every bit that is in that list?

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    yeah, i dont know how many ppl are sharing it on the fast track network so you might have to be patient, doing a search with auto search on everything might help as well.

    good luck

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    any other ideas what to download while im waiting?
    i just finished downloading all of red dwarf and now i have nout to download.
    any inspriration would be nice.

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