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Thread: K-lite

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    Where can I download K-lite?

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    ***Never mind got it***

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    If anyone is looking for Kazaa Lite, Clean KMD or Kazaa Lite Resurrection you can get it at:

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    Attention Hackers:

    If you know of anyway to make a Napster look-a-like proram that can download off the Kazaa Lite fasttrack network; meaning a program that looks and works exactly like Napster 2.0, but can download songs for FREE of charge off the Kazaa Lite network (or any other FREE p2p Network) please e-mail me (Nathan Moir) at:
    DO NOT waste your time sending me SPAM or Viruses because I have a complete SPAM and Viruses Blocker!! So all you hackers and spammers will just get ignored!  Your PUNY VIRUSES and SPAM have NO EFFECT on my computer SO EVEN IF you lie and say "SPAM BLOCKER OFF" or "NO VIRUSES FOUND" Norton AntiVirus is not stupid, It will still read your .pif files as viruses,  nothing can get passed Norton AntiVirus or my spam blocker!!  So ha ha take that SPAM PEOPLE!!!!

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    lol got it after 60 seconds

    I guess I can close this then....



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