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Thread: Emule

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    wats the point you have to pay for it or am i wrong CLICK HERE

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    Try looking HERE for alternatives, such as Overnet Lite

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    but do you have to pay for it

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    NO! eMule is 100% FREE and open source!

    Offical homepage

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    Originally posted by Lite@16 April 2004 - 12:34
    NO! eMule is 100% FREE and open source!

    Offical homepage
    look at this link it ses you have to pay !!!!!!!!!

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    No, thats a fake site. Some stupid people want to make money out of people.

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    yes you do have to all those other kazaa sites asking for you to pay for kazaa

    its a SCAM!

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    Official site


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    You should never have to pay for filesharing software. Most sites that ask you to are actually selling you free software (often saying your payment is a "donation" or some other subtle play on words so they cannot be liable). Of course you can pay for it if you wish but it really is a waste of money...

    Best eMule program in my experience:

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