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Thread: Warzone 2100

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    I can get Warzone 2100 to run (intro movies plays, menu appears) but parts of my desktop shimmer through whenever I use the mouse and there's faint black lines running over the screen - almost like shadows.

    WinXP with compatibility at 98/Me, above and beyond spec.

    Any help ?

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    I checked around and some people fixed this by removing Windows XP hotfix (KB824141) - can I just yank it out without all sorts of nasty things happening ?

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    this is the update, from my reading (skimming) it apparently only really affects Windows 2000, and the problem can only be exploited by someone sitting at your computer, so it seems safe to remove.

    you might want to read it yourself to double check
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    Right - ripped out the hotfix, rebooted, now the game works until the first message comes in, then just... vanishes. No error box, just back to desktop. Bugger.

    On a brighter note, Hardwar started working again !


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