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Thread: Which Downloads Faster ?

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    Dec 2003
    since you need to share more bandwith to get unlimited (20kbps) now ... but i hear there were some other changes too ...

    which downloads faster ??

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    cant tell a difference in speed with 0.53

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    Sep 2003
    yup no difference for me

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    It will take some time but one users gave me 7.8kbs for 1 min

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    i'm using a 384kbps dsl with 128kbps upload. so i've to limit my upload speed to 8kb

    in my experience, this new version really slowed down my download speed. i've no idea why but i'm already considering switching back to 0.52

    btw, for those who didn't feel any difference...wat kind of connection u have?
    Please be kind to the noobs...we were once them after all

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    I think 52 is better. 53 can't find new sources automaticly, you have to restar PC then refresh sources. 53 only show source go!!
    Maybe Metamachine want people switch to Kdrive, Changelog show 53 is compatibe with Kdrive.
    So I switch back to ON lite 52 and replace pro.dll with loader.
    The result is pretty good.


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