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Thread: Nokia 6600 & N-gage

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    now i have 6600& n-gage both

    but i still have the same prob of image resizing.both screens have aprox resolution of:

    174x143 pixels

    1.99"x2.42" inches

    so i need the wallpaper of same size or i need a peog to resize it.In n6610 pc suit they provide image resizer for few models,8910i,7250,etc(and not for 6600 or ngage)

    in my 6600 suit there is no image resizer!

    when ever i open a img in my cell(6600),after zooming it once the image is excellent but i cant set that zoomed img as wallpaper(when i do it,the original size of the img is placed as wallpaper).
    is there any solution?????or prog for this???

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    the best thing 4 u to do is join the esato forum at and ask that question there in the General discussions board/other manufactures u can also get
    n-gage games (blz files) so u can play them on your 6600

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    thx for the site

    and dont worry abt ngage games i have it all


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