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Thread: Exe Files

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    Once youv'e downloaded a exe file how do you get it to load the program only use to zip files but u don't seam to get many of them anymore,

    And cant get me head around iso,bin, and cue file have read the howto but still confused need more help please

    Thanks Steve

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    where did u get the exe from, how big was it and what were you trying to download?

    Also have u got an up to date virus scanner?

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    haven't got it yet was goin to download it of Kazza
    and yes have upto date virus scanner

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    IDK where to start
    what are you trying to download

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    Was lookin for nero recode2 :confused:

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    there are 2 types of exe files that are ok , they are both self extracting compressed file formats

    winzip exe file ( has like a vice looking icon ) and a sfx winrar exe file ( yellow square icon with like books poping out the top of it )

    both will have icons , if the exe file you download does not have an icon and is just a white square box, its more than likely its ether currupt or a virus

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    most of them are white boxs wiv a blue top

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    thats because most of them are currupt or contain a virus

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    lol, i would never click on an exe that was just the white box, if it doesnt have an icon i throw it straight away

    there are a few exceptions, but in the main they are not good at all

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    its most likely to be a damaged file with missing info, unless its a dos file.

    re-download it and carryout a virus scan.

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