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Thread: Javascript Password

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    Im playing Mod-x and being the usual non experienced noob im stuck on level 1. I understand javascript to a point and the point is just on this page .

    The page code for the password script is:
    var string = "8ac249fbd363fx52j1";
    var enigma = "";
    var whatisthis = "var myxor = prompt('Password:','');for (y=1; y<5; y++) {enigma += (string.indexOf(y)+1);}enigma += 5;if (myxor==enigma){enigma = enigma + '.php';location.href=enigma;}else{location.href='hahaha.php';}";
    <BODY> </BODY>
    What i need is help getting the string decoded using the information in the code. I'm not lookin for the answer but instead so hints or information on how i turn the script around and display the password for me

    Thanks for any help
    Johannes001 :helpsmile:

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    Make it simpler.
    var enigma = "";
    for (y=1; y<5; y++)
       enigma += ("8ac249fbd363fx52j1".indexOf(y)+1);
    enigma += 5;
    alert(enigma + '.php');

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    Thx Haxor needed a example to get me there lol
    I think i understand it but will have a better look in a while.
    Nyways thanks very much

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    I just handed the answer to you... and if you can't do this you'll get hit really hard with level two's ASCII shift encryption.


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