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Thread: 2 Or More Users But Still Not Contecting

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    my download had been working but now it is just searching first it says 2 or some times even more users, then it say connecting but never does what gives i have dsl. i was also wondering files that are being downloaded from me are not in my shared folder were are they coming from? :helpsmile:

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    Download AVG or NOD32.

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    you can get a Nod32 here, its not a full version but will scan your system, and an ewido security suite here, it likes to kick trojan ass they are both free.

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    ok thanks i did have a trojan and only files from my shared folder are now being downloaded. but im still not conecting after users are found.

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    go to your searchfield>>check "ALL" and type in "patience" in the searchfield, because that's what you'll be needing...and lot's of it

    And on a serious note:try jumping supernodes,that might help.
    Or search for more sources manually.



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