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Thread: Playing Snes Emulator

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    :helpsmile: I enjoy playing SNES games on my computer. But some games are just way too hard to play with the keyboard. Can I go to Best Buy or a local game store or somewhere else and buy a USB compattible controller?

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    it depends if your emulator is compatible. go into the options and see if it will let you configure a contoller.

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    What emulator do you have ? I use ZSNES with my USB controller - no real problems.

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    multitap 5 is an old snes controller adapter, which allowed you to play with up to 5 not sure y thats there. what emulator are you using?

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    Im usinf SNES 9x. Must be outdated or something. I just downloaded the zsnes emulator but cant get it to load a game.

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    Originally posted by Jts87@17 April 2004 - 18:21
    I just downloaded the zsnes emulator but cant get it to load a game.
    did you uninstall your old one?

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    Originally posted by fred devliegher@17 April 2004 - 18:56
    Wipe your feet, be nice, and these people will help you.
    I agree

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    Logitech's Wingman pads tend to work really well with old console emulators. Microsoft Sidewinder pads are also pretty good.

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