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Thread: Graphics Card Probs

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    I have a GeForce2 MX/MX 400 and am trying to set up nview to watch downloaded films on a TV screen. I have it all set up ok i think, i can see my desktop fine on my TV. However if i try to watch something on WMP (tried zoom player, bs player too) the window where the video should show is just black.

    If anyone's got any ideas, I will be most grateful to hear them.

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    Do you have all the latest drivers and codecs?

    I've never used the TV-out function of my card, so that's about all the help I can give.

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    OK, problem solved. If anyone's interested, I had to disregard the "clone option on nview and use XP's multiple monitors function. Now I send the player to monitor 2 (my TV) and it works fine. Plus I get the added bonus of being able to do other stuff on the monitor while keeping full screen video on the TV. B)

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    Can u do that?

    Like do work and watch a movie if u have a tv out card?

    Wow, i never knew that...

    i thought u just connect ur pc to ur tv and thats all u cud do...

    I got a geforce4 ti4200 128mb ddr with TV out

    Im gonna go try that next time im watchin a movie (damn i love that smiley)

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    Yeah, it's really good. At the moment I have the forum on my monitor while checking the progress of my k-lite downloads on the TV!

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    Yes, the latest driver updates on the NVidea GeForce line of TV out cards supports watching movies in full screen while still being able to see and perform work on your desktop. Also if you are using a player that does not have a black background for widescreen movies (such as Lunacy) it does not matter anymore, the background showing on your TV will be black with the new drivers, very cool. I have a NVidea GeForce TI 4600 with DVi and TV out and the new drivers are cool, they even allow other neat features, your video card can control much more aspects of your PC than ever before, even how windows and task bars are shown, you can have them do some very cool things such as being invisible while being dragged or have your titles bars and such be opaque.


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