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Thread: Dvd- Burning

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    I recently bought a DVD+RW burner

    now I have a few questions

    1. What is the best software to Burn a dvd from another DVD?
    2. Is it possible to use a dvd+Rw as a file dvd?
    3. Is it possible to download a movie and burn to dvd?
    4. if so, what is the best program for that (question 3)?

    thx for the replys


  2. Software & Hardware   -   #2
    q1. dvdshrink ( and nero 6 )

    q2. no you need a dvd burner with dvd ram to do that

    q3. yes

    q4 tmpgenc plus ( to convert the avi file to mpeg ) then tmpgenc author ( to convert the mpeg file to vob and burn it ) yes tmpgenc has its own built in burner app


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