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Thread: Hmm, Couple Of Odd Vids I Can't Play

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    I've got a few movies downloaded, but two or threee of them that used to work don't any more for some reason! When I try and play they do nothing, then if I try and FF they show as 00:00! If I use the AVI preview I can watch them though?! DivXFix doesn't seem to find an problem, so I'm open to ideas as to what to try next?

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    I would suggest you check out the files with GSpot to make sure that the files are ok and that you have all the required codecs. I don't know what codec packs you have installed but it might be worth installing a complete one like SLD or Kazaa L codec pack.

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    Thanks for the quick response.. Found that util, most excellent! However it shows everything is ok bar from missing 24bytes of info (Shows Codec format as div3, and says underneat "Codec IS installed").... ANy other apps/utils worth a try?

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    What media player are you using? WM player doesn't like divX/Xvid very much. Try playing the files with a few different players such as PowerDVD, winDVD, bsPlayer, zoom player etc. If it doesn't play with any of them try that SLD codec pack - I'm always singing it's praises, but it has helped me with many problems. Good luck!

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    Tried ZoomPLayer, Quicktime, MediaPlayer and DivX player all the same (and as I said ther used to work)! Guess I'll have to download them again or something

    Hmm just tried BSPlayer and it says "Unknown file format Div3" and on another file "Unknown file format Div4" Guess I must be missing something - I'll try the k-lite codec pack... (although the avi preview thing worked&#33

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    Good ...looks like you may be getting somewhere

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    Make sure you download k-lite codec pack 2.01 which has just been updated.

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    Got the latest k-lite (full pack) codes, but still have the same issues

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    Have you tried the SLD pack yet?

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    No, did try DefilerPak which is pretty good as it stops my system from crashing now! I can't see a link to the SLD? pack ?

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