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Thread: Limewire

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    Well since this is general filesharing I'm hoping you all don't mind if i ask this...

    Is there anyone with enough knowledge of CVS ect. that would like to start compiling and distributing a modded Clean version of Limewire? I'm currently looking for some "up and comers" for these kinda projects. i would be willing to offer plenty of hosting space to advertise the product

    Anyone interested?

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    not really because when i want to use limewire i use limewire pro which is good and clean enough

    p.s: PM me if u wanna know where to get limewire pro (and not pay for it )

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    i've compiled the source from before, you just need the java SDK and ant to do it. XNap also has an nice up to date limewire plugin. or you can just get the NOVM version of limewire. but isn't limewire pretty much clean these days?

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    Yea it is pretty clean. I'm not really looking for "just clean" versions. I'm more looking for a Limewire core and a couple mods that could be added to it such as M.O. did to aqualime. As for Limewire Pro I do have it so its cool

    Also forgot no matter how clean Limewire gets people will still cry about it. I remember the "Do you wanna upgrade to Limewire Pro" startup nag is annoying though.

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    Hi there. What is limewire?

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    Originally posted by margie100@19 April 2004 - 01:06
    Hi there. What is limewire?
    its a filesharing program that runs on the gnutella network

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    Originally posted by Juggalo15@19 April 2004 - 02:29 is not a site i think it is

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    Originally posted by Juggalo15@19 April 2004 - 02:29
    my site is
    your not aloud to post links to your site in a post. edit it

  10. File Sharing   -   #10 and both work. As for my site it has links and downloads of example of user-compiled and modded limewire versions...not trying to really advertise it, its just there for reference. Gregs Clean Limewire and Aqualime are both available there.

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