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Thread: Ants P2p

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    ANts P2P realizes a third generation P2P net.
    It protects your privacy while you are connected and makes you not trackable,
    hiding your identity (ip) and crypting everything you are sending/receiving from others.


    Open Source Java implementation (GNU-GPL license).
    Multiple downloads.
    Sources finding over the net given the hash of the file.
    Search by hash, string or structured data reppresentation.
    Embedded support for etherogeneus data types (not only arrays of bytes...).
    Completely Object-Oriented routing protocol.
    Point to Point secured comunication.
    EndPoint to EndPoint secured comunication.
    The peer dicovery procedure is working!
    Implemented a new IRC based peer discovery system!


    Support for even more different data types in query search (I mean images, audio etc.).
    Improving the routing protocol.
    Code reegineering.


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    anyone used it? reviews?
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