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Thread: Worst Band Ever

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    brotherdoobie's Avatar Long live Hissyfit BT Rep: +1
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    Jan 2003
    Next To Automated Alice

    There name is appropriate...Poison

    Peace brotherdoobie

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    here is a crap band most of you young ones will never have heard of

    the bay city rollers lol

    oh they where so crap

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    Afronaut's Avatar Xenu
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    Feb 2003
    This suppose to be one of those funny threads. ?

    I get bad vibes whenever i hear these following "artitsts/bands":

    1. Any BoyBand/GirlBand like Boyzone, and SpiceGirls and the likes,
    allthought i use to dig N'Sync when they was underground...

    2.Roaring Metal Bands, the ones where the so called Vocals dont make any sence,
    otherwise cool Metal it is, but when the Lead Singer opens the mouth, bad vibes comes out...

    3. Dance music a'la Vikinggarna or whatever that band is called.
    That band is from Sweden but there is similar bands scattered over the wilderness
    around here; Sweden, Norway, Finland etc... I dont know about the rest of the Europe or other continents,
    it might go under a different "label"
    It is popular here for adults, im talking about 50 y.o. ppl go to these Dance happenings in the local barn where some group plays horrible music horribly, especially the amount of Hall-Reverb used on these kinda recordings/live gigs is horrendous.

    There is a lot of music i dont like or care about but generally speaking,
    I dont hate any band or artist atm, I choose not to support them anyway and not
    to listen to them if its possible.
    If i got radio on and hear some band that pisses me off,
    I simply chance the channel, or turn it off. I dont like to be pissed off.
    IMO, hating a Band or an Artist is a waste of time and energy.

    Dont worry guys, i wont try to bring this thread down
    with teh

    Thats not a promise though, if you piss me off i'll go INews on yo'ass,
    hows that about sweet dreams?

    Btw, BCR was the first band i remember i was a some sorta fan of,
    i was about 4 or 5 when i heard them in radio. lol
    I had to DL a collection to listen some hot tunes, he he,
    ah, the memories.... naturally, things have chanced a little ever since teh 70's.

    Keep on hating ! Is k00l.

    Spoiler: Show

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    Jul 2003
    Australia N.S.W
    backdoor pooftser boys
    all saints
    Sister 2 sister
    Jissica Simpson
    ummm klets see who wels
    Human Nature

    fuck it lets just saying anyoen that doesn't use instrumetns

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    Linkin Park and The White Stripes.
    <span style='font-size:8pt;line-height:100%'>I eat quarters.
    My Hero</span>

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    nota band but 50 cent and g-unit make me shutter with anger when i hear a song see clothes cds posters anything

    now im pissed

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    Originally posted by Engvalt@18 April 2004 - 15:17
    Linkin Park and The White Stripes.
    Was that a joke ??

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    pusher's Avatar The New Moral
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    I can&#39;t stand a lot of bands whose videos are played on MTV (Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, P.O.D. etc...) because the lead singers can&#39;t sing very well. The leader of Linkin Park makes me want to stab my ears repeatedly with a blunt object whenever I hear his voice.
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    zacspeed's Avatar Pheasant plucker
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    Simple Plan is the definition of shit.

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