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Thread: Klite 2.6 ?

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    I have been away from the forum for some time and when I returned this morning I saw a link on a post about "KLite 2.6" I followed the link to the home page , It tells how to install etc. but it doesnt say what it is ?
    Is it a new version of K++ or is it an addon or what ?

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    Based on KMD 2.6.0, K-Lite v2.6 adds many features to the rather limited ones of kazaa. Some of its more favourable features are built in IP Blocker, Advanced right click menu, Built in accelerator, Multi-tab autosearch more, Custom icons, Built in toolbar, "Jump Supernode" fuction (using softjump - doesnt interfere with downloads/ uploads), Expanded tray menu, Forced viewing of traffic and search, Custom start pages, Built in GUI hacker, NO adverts, custom about box and many more. Some features this version has that others dont, are that is has Tabbed searches, Support for magnet links, "single click" downloads, forced viewing of traffic/search and advanced options for "Find more sources".

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    I got 1 complaint ab k-lite 2.6,its i just dont like it


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