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Thread: Vob To Divx

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    i ripped some dvd's (borrrowed from a mate) to my Hard Disk, i wanted to burn them to another dvd so i can watch whenever, the thing is that the main VOB files needed to play the movie (i dont need the other rubbish) add up to be greater than 4.7 GB cos they must be on a dual layer dvd, but anyway i've been lookin for ages for a conversion tool to convert the VOB files to DIVX without any luck. so if you know of any good ones i would be gratefull for ur help!

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    Yep mate use dvd2avi with ..gordian knot for the best to avi

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    DVD Decrypter with Auto GK. Very easy for ripping n00bs like me
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    You can just use DVD shrink to shrink the VOBs to fit on a regular DVD.

    Or, you can use one of the guides at AfterDawn. They also have links to whatever software you need.

    Or, if you really want to be lazy, you can use Dr.Divx, although XviD is producing excellent quality nowadays. If you do it yourself, you can choose whatever codec you want. The Mega Codec Pack comes in handy in that case.

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