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Thread: How Do I Prieveiw A Movie

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    How do I prieveiw a movie using overnet 0.53

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    I'v got video lan but where do I get the temp file from????

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    Download Edwatch

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    Originally posted by killer04@19 April 2004 - 17:38
    Download Edwatch
    where from?

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    not a clue

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    right click the downloading file, and look at the "more info" window and see that number part file it is, then look in your temp folder for the #.part file and either make a copy of it, and name it filename.mpg or avi and preview that with avipreview, videolan, media player classic, or divfix the COPY, and play it in WMP.

    but no matter what method you use, you will need the first part of the file, and overnet downloads random parts of the file, so you might have the file 90% downloaded before you can preview any of it.

    the best way to check for fakes is to expand the download tree view and see what filenames the users with 100% of the file have it named.

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    Edwatch is just a GUI for videolan & avipreview.Use Videolan .


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