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Thread: Integrity Rating

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    if i want to rate all my shared files as excellent do i have to do them 1 by 1 or can i s there a select all option kinda thing ?????

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    Dunno if it will work but try selecting them all then right click/integrity/excellent

    Just a grateful user!

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    Right next to the weapons of mass destructions
    click ctrl+A then right click on one of the files and click excellent

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    - danyj</span></span></span>

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    nice one, cheerz

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    Now why don&#39;t you tell us what makes them so excellent.Ripper and Bitrate Please.

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    Sometimes the excellent rating doesn&#39;t mean diddly

    I have had plenty of iffy excellent rated films

    Best to preview

    Just a grateful user!

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    I got a little curious too.

    If you have a, say, Pritni Spears mp3 ripped at 256k with Lame.

    Would you rated it excellent because of the bitrate and encoder that was used,
    or because you just happen to Luv her music ?

    I&#39;ll say the Rip looks good, but where goes the Universal Rule of what is
    excellent can be in gray area.
    No, i dont like Pritnis Music and thats just a matter of taste.

    Of course, same goes for Movies too;
    What movie versus quality?

    I would like to think that the rating was about Quality of the file.
    Of course, I am wrong and I cannot prove I am right either.

    If im using K-Lite++ Im ignoring the whole Excellent-Rating system.
    I&#39;ve found files that wasnt excellent quality at all.

    Does the folks who seed them screetchy mp3&#39;s add them as Excellent?
    So that more ppl would DL them.


    Riaa and or Mpaa?


    Spoiler: Show

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    my ratings are for quality of audio and video not whether its a good song or good film. Thats down to individual taste i thought that was how its supposed to be rated on k lite that is

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    The purists would say quality of video & audio etc

    I am guessing most people use it to say whether they like something or not

    I personally would like to see it for quality only

    Just a grateful user!

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    I have never cared if something was rated or not.
    My hearing was damaged when I worked at UPS. The
    warning sirens injure ears there. And my vision is
    good enough to drive a car just barely so most all
    video and music is of high quality to me. I feel bad that
    people don&#39;t know what they are getting when the
    get files from me, so I make up for it by sharing 40 gigs
    of files. However, I do only download 128-192 bitrate
    music files just incase my wife likes the song. (^:

    I do however take time to check mark for the language that
    is being spoken in the video that I share. If I share
    a blooper or other funny commercial I select English if it
    is English or All if there are no words spoken. Some languages
    I have to make a guess at though.....

    Cars crashing is universal &#33; *smile


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