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Thread: Elder Scrolls Iii : Morrowind

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    Local shop is selling ^^ for $9 (roughly), new copy. Has anyone played it ? Good enough to blow the money + HDD space on ?

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    just dl it

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    I wish. I'm already close to my d/l limit, I'm sure as hell not using Klite, and I can't be arsed to do the whole "port-forwarding" for BT again.

    My question was, "is it any good ?".

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    Its not worth 5 bucks.
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    Originally posted by SingaBoiy@20 April 2004 - 16:54
    Its not worth 5 bucks.
    You kidding me? Its still the best RPG available...

    BUY IT.

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    Depends on the type of games you like... I enjoyed the game but, I guess if i wasn't a downloader then i'd buy it for $9

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    I bought it for xbox and it felt you had to dedicate your life to the game. I had a horrible expirience. Traded it to my brother in law for Splinter Cell That was a nice trade For me anyways. I like rpg's as much as the next guy but I just didnt feel this one.
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