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Thread: Dark Age Of Wythia Help

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    Hey a Frend of my needs your help can u click on this link and do what it ses

    Thank You

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    FYI :

    Spam is not permitted in any form. Any posting or messaging of junk content is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: unsolicited advertising, deceptive links, repetitive postings, postings or messaging for the purpose of commercial or personal gain, links to online popularity game sites (i.e. outwars, kings of chaos, Porn Star Guru, etc.)
    Not sure... but there's something fishy about the link...

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    The link you have clicked has led you to a game called Dark Age of Wythia in support of a user's Fief. Dark Age of Wythia does not allow either spamming or cheating. If you found this link in a place that was inappropriate, such as: a chatroom or place where gaming discussion is inappropriate, a place where it would be illegal/against the rules of that site to post such a link, in an email, or you were not expecting this link to take you to a game, then please close this window. Otherwise, please answer the question below to proceed. This is to ensure that you are a human and not a script.

    god these games r fuckin gay and annoying, does anybody do anything w/ these games other then get ppl 2 "join" their army by clicking a link,,, lmao


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