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Thread: Dvd Error

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    I recently picked up "about schmidt". I went to burn the movie in my dvd-burner drive. ( iam using dvd-shrink) I included all the menu's and did the deep-analysis.
    When it did both i jumped to the burning screen and about 3 seconds later it gave me an error and canceled the burning. Iam using a dvd+rw, this has never happened before. I used a dvd+rw and burned "brother bear", it burned fine. this one is a problem.

    help appreciated


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    What was the error msg m8...

    If it save'd the project burn it with another burner

    Try this movie with clonerdvd/anydvd.

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    Do you have any burning software on your pc? i.e. Nero
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.


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