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Thread: Bass Music

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    casper, wyoming
    [FONT=Impact][COLOR=red] Is there anyone in the world who has it... "bass erotica"

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    Best thing to do is to search for it in SoulSeek
    9 out of 10 you'll find it there.
    Believe me,things I thought that couldn't be found on any network are all there.
    It's the best p2p for music :music1:


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    Moved to MusicWorld.

    I dont know much about Bass music,
    im thinking it has something to do
    with your gear.

    Just about any music has lot of Bass, big difference is
    what kind of amp and speakers is used.

    A piece Classical music is good example IMO,
    with good gear that reaches the low end and
    enough volume, i get the Bass-kicks out of it.

    But im guessing you are looking for Electronc music,
    I dont know about that stuff...

    Hopefully somebody here knows.

    Spoiler: Show

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    Now low can you do ? Death row what a brother knows
    Once again back is the incredible the rhyme animal
    The incredible D Public Enemy, number one
    " Five - o " said, " Freeze I " and I got numb
    Can I tell 'Em that I really never had a gun
    But it's the Wax that the terminator spun
    Now they got me in a cell 'cause my records they sell
    Cause a brother like me said " Well...
    ...Farrakhan's a prophet and I think you ought to listen to
    What he can say to you what you though to do
    Follow for now power of the peace say
    "Make a miracle, D, Pump of the lyrical
    Black is back, all in, here gonna win
    Chek it out, yeah y'all c'mon, here we go again

    Turn it up ! Bring the noises !

    Anthrax with Public Enemy!

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    erm , i thought maybe he was talkin bout Erotica (bass hit dub) madonna remix, but then again maybe I just wanted to mention that 'Leftfield' have the meanest dubbest, rip out yer lungs live bass I ever did hear, only matched by the Mighty 'Jah Wobble's' kick your teeth in mega cockney bass bonanza, I'm really not sure. If it is the madonna one i'm sure I've seen it on soulseek, but it aint got enough bass for me, sounds like an accoustic bass , did I mention Robert Gordons bass from Gil Scott-Herons amnesia express................., damn I meant too, me

    @ FC, hell yeah PE


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