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Thread: Best Virus/utility Program

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    I am looking for a good FREE or not much money lol, program that does chcks for spam, po up blockers, Virus Remover,.... What is the best?

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    AVG has a free anti-virus
    Stand-alone virus remover

    Supertrick XG is something I made to block pop-ups, ads and other crap without a program.
    Browsers like MyIE2 and Mozilla and Firefox have built-in pop-ups blockers.

    For spam protection, I guess that depends on what program you use to read e-mails. But a tip... never read HTML e-mail. I know there are ways to view HTML e-mails as pure text. This is because smammer often put a veeeery small clear image in som e-mails and if it is opened, the smammers know that your e-mail address is active and just send you loads of more crap.

    SpamShredder might help, but I've never used it. SpySweeper and Window Washer are from the same company and they work VERY well. You can find them online for free if you know what I mean.

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