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Thread: Does Winamp Have Spyware?

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    Hi guys, I was just wondering if winamp 5.03 has any spyware that comes with it. I just want to make sure because of this in the contract:

    By installing the Product, you consent to the collection and processing of information in accordance with Nullsoft's Winamp Privacy Policy.

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    Nice :

    When you download and install the Winamp player, it will automatically assign to you a globally unique identifier ("GUID") that is associated with your player. The GUID will never be matched with any personally identifiable information about you and it is not shared with any third parties or partners. The GUID allows us to analyze unique player usage patterns on an anonymous, aggregated basis.

    To enhance your playback experience, Winamp uses technology that provides you with contextual information about the particular media which you have selected within the Media Library or are currently playing. This technology, provided by one of our partner companies, allows us to provide helpful information such as album art, artist biography, discography, and purchase information. When using the Infoviewer and Now Playing features, the player retrieves this contextual information and stores a Title Unique Identifier ("TUID") on your computer. The TUID allows the player to retrieve this information more efficiently on subsequent plays. Data regarding the specific media you are playing may be retained on an anonymous basis for up to one week and may be analyzed to identify top songs and artists being requested by our users. You have the option to turn this feature off by not accessing the Now Playing view AND pressing the "Hide Info" button within the Library views.

    Our player automatically gathers certain anonymous usage information from you including, but not limited to, the length of your session, the number of tracks and streams you've played in a certain session, the number of CDs you've burned, played, or ripped, the number of tracks you've transferred to a portable device, the number of playlists you've created, the number of plug-ins you've installed, and the number of skins you've installed. We use this information to better understand how people use the various parts of our service and to improve the content, features and functionality of the player.

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    ya you got pwned...

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    even if u tick "do not gather anonymous usage" during the install?

    dem bastids

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    Sounds like a move AOL would do.

    I liked Winamp too. But, I don't use the online features or the now playing features, but still, they are tracking to some extent. Screw it, I only use it for some music. I'll keep it.

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    I always select &#39;no internet connection&#39; when I install WinAmp, then block it from accessing the web completely. It&#39;d be nice if I could remove the shit I don&#39;t use, such as the integrated browser, playlist manager and video player, but just settle for not using them.
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    Originally posted by bulio@21 April 2004 - 00:42
    Hi guys, I was just wondering if winamp 5.03 has any spyware that comes with it. I just want to make sure because of this in the contract:

    By installing the Product, you consent to the collection and processing of information in accordance with Nullsoft&#39;s Winamp Privacy Policy.
    get winamp 2.95 from emule.............. works best
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    yeah, you have to sign up, but its worth it

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    i use winamp 2.91 does the job rather nicely or try foobar
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    Foobar is crap. It&#39;s like listening to music using a dos program. I know a GUI is not important when listening to music, but it is somewhat important.

    As for Chewie UK&#39;s comments, you do realise Winamp are offering 3 different types of the player; Lite, Full, & Bundle. See here.

    If you have no need for what you install, choose the lite version OR install the full version and deselect the options during install. Not hard really.

    As for Storm&#39;s comments... As much as I love eMule and use it on a regular... I will not download anything that is free and able to get off the Internet safely. That is just pure stupidity. Try visiting for previous versions of software, or the next time you download &#39;Winamp&#39; via a p2p client, you could be looking at the back end of a virus. You have been warned.

    Winamp also decided to take out any software relating to AOL during the install back in the days of Winamp 5.01/2 so stop bitching. AOL are just the marketer as such and they are allowing the coders etc... whatever they need to release their software.


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